In-Field Coaching & Immersion (LA Only)

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Step 1: See it live
Step 2: Learn what works
Step 3: Take massive action

A chance to become great, with the shortest amount of time possible with 1 on 1 coaching with Giovanni Wan.

✔️3 Hours In-Field A Week
✔️4 Sessions A month
✔️3 Months Total Training

Each infield training session is led by Giovanni, who will be actively gaming and winging along side you, breaking down what works and why it works.

2 Q&A Sessions A Week

With a structured curriculum created and taught by Giovanni, customized to you.

We focus on the 4 pillars of High Integrity Game: Style, Authenticity, Inner Game and Structured Conversations,

You'll learn the exact mindsets and skills necessary to get you massive results with women.

Small class size ensures that you get ALL your questions answered.

Program Curriculum

Inner Game
  • Approach Anxiety Elimination
  • Style expression exercise
  • The process of getting good
  • Identity level change


Opening With Authenticity
  • The 2 Hook Points
  • How to be authentic
  • High value communication and how that works
  • The M3 Model


Structured Conversations
  • Emotional vs. Logical
  • Attraction vs. Comfort
  • Investment and Compliance
  • How to Never Have a Boring Conversation Again


Style Flow
  • Daytime vs. night time attire
  • The way you move through the world
  • How to observe women's fashion
  • Non-verbal body language
  • The importance of Subtext


Advanced Game
  • Consistent Pulling Techniques
  • Advanced Text and Phone Game
  • Online Dating Optimization
  • Sticking Point Analysis
  • Getting to Mastery
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