Welcome to the secret page.

Let me first congratulate you on your commitment to improving yourself.

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I am going to share with you really fast wins that you can start using right now to date really cute girls. These are field tested by me and i still use them today! so please dont share this with anyone else. I'm going giving this to my true supporters.

A very easy line to start conversations is "you looked like you might be interesting, and i wanted to meet you." You say this as if you were meeting a new friend, without wanting anything from her. it's how i met M. The first girlfriend you saw in the training video.

If a girl says, "i'm late for something", you can quickly get a contact by saying, "Yes, likewise. before we both leave, what's the best way to make a new friend and contact you?" She will give you the contact of her choice. Number usually means it potential can turn into a dating situation. Instagram sometimes, and email or a website means she's simply being polite. The great thing about this question is that she will tell you her level of investment based on your interaction with her so far.

If a girl says, "I have a boyfriend", I usually say. "Sweet. [Pause]. How many?"

This always gets a laugh, and opens the door to potentially being friends. She may know other girls like her who's single. Sometimes, this openness allows her to tell you that she actually doesn't have a boyfriend, and you can try to build authentic comfort or attraction with her again.

I always ask a girl how she knows the people in her group. If her answer is "roommates" or "we met at college/school/random event" you can say, "That sounds romantic!" for a laugh.

If you're on a date, and you're not sure if you can kiss her, a great question to ask is "would you like to kiss me?". If she says yes or maybe, move in and calibrate for the kiss. She will match you 50-50. If she says, "no", you can say, "oh, good. I thought you looked like you had something on your mind" and move onto the next topic.

The little tactics I gave you so far are meant to be done with a spirit of flirtation and good intentions. Please use them responsibly

Thank you. Giving you fortitude on your journey to dating success,

-Giovanni Wan