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We Know... From 12 Years Of Field Experience.

“...No girl will ever like you and you will die ALONE.”

7 years ago, that thought replayed itself over and over in my head. It slowly chipped away at my soul… quietly nudging me deeper and deeper into depression.
My dating life was non-existent. I would sit in my room staring at Starcraft replays on YouTube for what seemed like hours… feeling confused and sorry for myself (If you’re sad, try staring blankly at game replays. It’s a great emotional band-aid that violently rips itself off the moment you stop staring or finish jerking it to net porn thereafter. But I digress…)
I didn’t get it. Why weren’t women attracted to me? I was nice, smart and fuck, I had a good job!? I thought they would all flock to me now !?! Sure I was a little shy… but what’s wrong with being shy? I’ve seen shy guys get laid… why not me?
Women were just… repelled by me. I was lucky to even get friend-zoned.

But I got. the fuck. out.

Not only did I “get out”… I became a male model, who dated models. I learned the secrets of dating high caliber girls in my city (and other cities I've visited 😉 ).

How did I do it?

I’ll get to that in a bit…
First, let’s talk about you. If you’re reading this page, then maybe you’re where I was 12 years ago. And this isn’t a good place to be… it’s filled with depression, hopelessness and loneliness.
I literally thought about I was going to die alone and had nightmares about it. That’s not an exaggeration. Learning what I did saved my life. And I don’t say that lightly.
But listen, this isn’t your fault. In fact, the reason you’re having a hard time attracting women is because you’ve been LIED to… over and over and over again.
You’ve been lied to by your parents & friends
You’ve been lied to by your dating coaches.
You’ve been lied to by the media and popular style magazines.

Think about it:

Most people's parents and friends have no clue how to dress... it's like the BLIND leading the BLIND.
Dating coaches ignore style altogether...telling you to focus on "game"...
...and the media magazines like GQ advocate expensive suits and style that costs you a fortune $$$, ignoring the basic principles of Style Attraction, which has nothing to do with Money! ($)
I fell for these lies for years…
On top of that, my parents always told me that women wanted a guy who was “nice”… a guy that would remain submissive and let women walk all over him.
I was lied to by my friends who “lucked” into getting a girlfriend. I’ll never forget what my good friend growing up told me:
“Vince – you need to get in the friendzone FIRST…. then slowly... you try to make her your girlfriend”.
I lived my high school and college years by that belief. What a waste.

So, I have a question for you: What do you think the hottest girls are most attracted to?

When I ask this question, most guys say things like: “looks” “money” or “status”. Hearing this makes me frustrated – because it is SO FAR from the truth.
If you’re anything like I was – you walk around everyday seeing douchebags with hot chicks ask yourself: “What do they have that I don’t?”.
And let me tell you… they do have something that you don’t. But that “thing” isn’t steroids or muscles... and it's not all that hard to get. And it has NOTHING to do with money, status or looks.
You might be thinking, “Oh yeah, Vince?! Then why do I see good looking, rich guys with hot girls all the time??!”
The answer to that is simple. Because some hot girls are just gold diggers by nature. But there's a way to hack "status" and "alpha" that has nothing to do with spending money.
That might sound confusing, but it will all make sense by the end of this…
Imagine knowing how to achieve this "by-product" of high status without needing to rely on money, your physical looks, or your social status.
Imagine NEVER getting rejected because your image turns her on at first sight (by using the power of Style Attraction)
Imagine having women be naturally attracted to you…
BECAUSE you're dressed for sex
Imagine having the power to choose who you want to sleep with (or date).
Imagine having a new adventure with a new girl… every single day.

Rich: How is this possible?!?

First of all, I've spent my last 12 years learning game, and the last 3 working in the fashion industry as a male model.
I've failed and failed hundreds of times until I found the principles that worked consistently, night after night, date after date.
The Seduce With Style principles are also selected based on their ability to force attraction based on subtle visual cues. It forces students to recognize signs of interest as soon as they walk into a room.
Just by using Style Attraction, I am literally "forcing" you to change your identity and become a guy who naturally gets girls.
Along with my video tutorials, you'll understand how to embody "Style Attraction Switches" and why girls respond to them based on evolutionary psychology and hardwired female responses... NOT bullshit GQ style tips that cost you a fortune
Well... allow me to introduce myself:
I'm Rich. Former nerd turned male model, dating coach, and entrepreneur... and here's just a small sample of some of the women I've dated...
And I've created Seduce With Style 3.0 to help guys emulate the style principles, and live the same (and even better) sexually abundant life, with high caliber girls.
We've already helped hundreds of guys transform their lives, and ​you can be next before we close the sale limit numbers for Seduce With Style because we don't want this to get too big and become a major trend (and it won't work anymore).

So, What Do I Get In Seduce With Style?

So here’s what you get IMMEDIATELY after you sign up:
  • The scientifically researched and beautifully illustrated 250+ page PDF that shows you how to attract women of all ages, types and how to create "lust at first sight"
  • 5 Modules with over 21 videos and 7+ hours of footage, with interviews with top dating and style coaches and female models
  • 5x before and after Case Studies of guys who's gone through this who were just like you
  • Access to my secret group, the "Style Syndicate" FB group where you can get instant feedback on your look and photos from me directly
  • 8 intimate, detailed interviews with female models and what attract them to guys and how the men "stand out" from the hordes of orbiters trying to game her.
So what kind of results can you expect if I get Seduce With Style (SWS)?
Well, I asked my previous students about their results with SWS and this is what we found:
  • 3x increase in dates from guys who took ACTION.
  • More eye contact and attention from hotter girls, feeling more comfortable and prepared when going out, and getting 10x more numbers than before (10 numbers a night, as opposed to 1 or 0)
  • Increased happiness and self-esteem. People who experience SWS are MUCH happier than they were before it. How do we know this? Because we get emails from our users all the time thanking us for "freeing their mind" from the chains of bad style and social conditioning that's imprisoned them for so long.
  • Caliber of girls going up from "8 Average" to "9s and 9.5s".
    More dates and sexual relationships with girls of a new caliber. No more fugly girls who make you wait for sex. Once normal girls and other girls feel that you've realized your true value as a man... they are going to be throwing pussy at you 24/7.


The Threat: Nothing is more threatening yet simultaneously attractive to a woman than a man who is aware of his own value to women.

But you won't pay $2397, you won't pay $200,
you won't even pay $97!
​I'm going to offer this to you for just $77!

Try It For 30 Days

After viewing the product and testing out the techniques in field... If you feel like you did not get your money's worth... if you feel like you are not getting hotter girls and more dates... OR If you are unsatisfied for any reason... simply reply to your order email and I'll give you a FULL refund, no questions asked. So you have nothing to lose... and everything to gain!


To Your Dating Success,
Vince "Style Attraction" Lin

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