The Job Offer Blueprint (JOB)

Resumes That Resonate

Most resumes don't stand out for 3 reasons. The most common one is an inability to write your professional story in a way that is attractive in the marketplace. The 2nd is a lack of conciseness. The 3rd is a lack of balance between originality and authenticity (i.e. this is a real person who's very accomplished).

We give our clients a resume template that has landed multiple Fortune 500 interviews and offers. We also teach you the principles behind a great resume so that you can stand out from the crowd of applicants for the rest of your professional life.

The Interview Game

There is a universal process in the job interview game. We call it a "game" because it has rules, guidelines and you are competing with other players to get the offer. You're playing the game for financial survival and the survival of your family so this is a serious game.

The reality is that most people luck into a job but haven't had the opportunity to hone their skills to ensure they do everything can can in their power to get the offer. In other words, "be so good that it is hard for them to say no".

We teach our clients to identify the variables within their control and what is not in the hiring process so they don't waste time on unproductive things. We install skill-sets in nonverbal communication, the honesty curve concept, and proper framing and control while displaying congruence and authenticity. We teach clients how to answer the real question behind the question. The combination of these skills ensure a very high interview-to-offer ratio.

Consistent Closes

The last stages of a job search process can be difficult and high stakes. We teach our clients how to have a high interview-to-offer ratio. We also explain how to ensure an offer arrives on time, how to manage multiple offers, and how to handle objections, negotiations and declining offers in a way that doesn't burn bridges.

If the final stages are handled correctly, you can build life-long connections that will help you later in your career.

Problems in the end game can also be spotted through red flags from the very beginning of an interaction, and we teach our clients how to avoid time bombs by getting rid of them or avoiding them altogether early on.

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