Art Of Style / Style Consulting

Subcommunication & Non Verbals

Most guys don't understand that with the style change, there also comes a behavior change. We start by planning a shoot, teaching out students how to pose with their body and their facial expressions.

Our coaches with runway and modeling experience will help with lighting, camera angle and how to express your best angles and energy in the shoot. The pictures are then used for online profiles (professional and dating).

Style Versatility

We teach our students to be able to dress formally for a high-end event, as well as casually for a more alternative look. The ability to oscillate between the 2 styles is important for your access to the highest level of the social hierarchy is different social circles.

Love At First Sight

We have recreated the "love at first sight" emotions that people feel and re-engineered it so we can install a new style, behavior cues and step-by-step flows of energy to increase the chance of an attractive first impression.

This is our "love at first sight" funnel that we teach to students looking for a foundation for a long term relationship. Use with caution. The grounding sequences can cause your dates to fall in love with you more quickly than usual.

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