Style / Image Consulting

Non-Verbal Cues

You can create attraction within the first 3 seconds of walking into a room by mastering non-verbal cues. You can also create word of mouth simply by having the right image. In our style consulting program, we help you put together a new image that reflects who you are at the core while hitting all of the attraction switches.

Our coaches with runway and modeling experience will help with lighting, finding the right photographer and how to express your best angles and energy in the shoot. The pictures are then used for online profiles (professional and dating) that will benefit you for years to come.

Style Attraction Switches

Style Attraction Switches, or SAS for short are “attraction triggers” that switch on with the right style. These are the underlying factors that, when combined together, makes a guy look stylish.

It is important to understand that these switches refer to the mental perception of an individual based how style affects core human emotions. The sum is great than the parts. They are the tools that a builder uses to build the house (kitchen, living room, bedroom) and how each room makes you feel as a person.

Another way to think about it is this: the piano, guitar and voice are all instruments of sound. The end product is a song or a chorus. The SAS is the feeling that the listener has when he listens to the chorus, ending, or opening of the song for the first time.

This is an advanced concept but when correctly executed, can get you the ideal girl even if she's very high on the social hierarchy.

"Love At First Sight" Effect

We have recreated the "love at first sight" experience that people feel and re-engineered it so we can install a new style, behavior cues and step-by-step flows of energy to increase the chance of an attractive first impression.

This is our "love at first sight" process that we teach to students looking to express themselves in an attractive and authentic way.

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