Social Crisis / Bullying

Under Fire And Awareness

All of our coaches were bullied in school. Perhaps that's why we are so passionate about social dynamics!

The first step is to recognize when someone is putting you in a crisis situation. Sometimes, the person doing this is quite skilled at masking their tactics. Some bullies do it unconsciously.

Whether you're in school or at work, you must become aware of the attacks, how they are affecting you, and start identifying how to see the big picture so you are not thrown off balance.

We do this by doing a quick assessment and understanding where the social pressure is coming from. We draw a stakeholder diagram to understand your relationship with your work or social group, identify the key levers of the parties, and how you can develop your own strategy. Defensive strategies negate or parry the attacks while offensive strategies can turn the tide of the battle. How this assessed is extremely important if you're currently in a situation where pressure is being applied. We help the client decide when to defend, retreat or attack. Much like a day-trader's strategy to buy or sell in a bull or bear market, each tick of the tape and each moment of social momentum is extremely important in addressing these issues.


Once you understand your situation, you must have a deterrent strategy. This is a strategy that moves you, even if temporarily, out of the cross hairs. With cyber-bullying, it may mean simply stepping away from the computer for a while and letting the heat die down.

If you are still "weak" socially, there are strategies to surrender temporarily, or move yourself into a position where attack is not feasible. If you are "strong" socially, there may be ways to communicate the consequences indirectly to the people attacking you.

We will work on placing levers and trip mines to deter further attacks. For example, understanding how your school or work policies govern verbal of physical abuse, and how these are usually enforced. Documenting the abuser's actions, and tactics to communicate this to the right people without it leading back to you.

Social Alliances

Once you have deterred your attacker(s), the next step is to build up a social alliance that will prevent future attacks. We will train you on how to do this in your current situation, as well as develop the leadership skills to put together a strong team wherever you go.

Social alliances give you the power back to preempt future attacks, and install programs that have consequences for the abuser with proper, clear communications. We can't put any more information about this publicly, but everything in this training program is meant to give you the upper hand. Generally, we advise clients from just walking away from people we refer to as "black holes". In extreme situations, clients may choose to go further, once they have established a power base.

You may be wondering how we know so much about this. Let's just say that being bullied harshly at a young age forever changes the way you deal with people who deliberately want to hurt you. As social dynamics coaches, we've traveled the world to find solutions to this problem. It doesn't matter where you are, the human dynamics of warfare and conflicts have been the same since the dawn of man, and it is better to become strong so you can defend yourself and your loved ones.

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