Finding The Right Career

For Love Or Money?

I've chased the money, and I've chased my passion. I am going to show you a way to determine your true nature, and how to move in that direction while still being financially responsible.

As stereotypical as this sounds, I am going to share with you my eastern traditions (Chinese) of balance combined with the westernized version of "go-getter" to find the ideal next career based on your individual needs.

Acing The Interview

The goal of the interview is to land a written job offer. A lot of people confuse this with being too honest or "it just wasn't the right fit". The truth is, the person that's hiring often times don't know what he or she is looking for either.

Having done over 100+ interviews at Google, I will help you understand the real question behind the interview questions, and how you can increase your interview to job offer ratio by 3x.

Mastering Office Politics

In true Game Of Thrones style, if you do not understand the social dynamics at the workplace, you often end up as someone else's roadkill.

As someone who's spent 4 years at Google and over 10+ years at Fortune 500 and management consulting firms, I will show you how to navigate office politics to your advantage, while helping out those around you as well.

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