Dating Strategies

A simple yet elegant model of the dating game is below. Most clients don't understand the 3 important phases of Attraction, Connection and Selection.

Attraction triggers exists in 2 kinds - universal (same for men and women) and gender specific. Attraction alone is not enough to initiate an intimate relationship without connection or a minimal level of the selection process. For example, even if you meet someone at a bar who finds you attractive, you still need to know how to smoothly transition that attraction into something more.

Most men fall into the trap of too much attraction or too much comfort. Without attraction, the comfort game lands you in the friendzone. You're simply too polite and nice without the sexual charge. Women can fall into the trap of giving attraction and selection options without building connection, which makes the man value her less.

Without the option to select you can become obsessed with 1 person you feel attraction and connection for (one-itis) or you become an orbiter - someone who orbits around him/her with ulterior motives. Mastering the power of selection gives you an abundance mindset in the dating game, and HIS integrates this mindset with practical tactics to achieve abundance in your dating options.

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Dating Advice For Men

The majority of men I coach simply want to the skill set to date a beautiful girl inside and out - one that he truly BELIEVES he didn't have to settle for.

A significant percentage of the men I coach (usually younger) are on their "hero's journey" and we believe it is courageous for man to seek out the skill set to have romantic relationships with the women they desire. We do not work with clients who lie, exaggerate or otherwise manipulate women or people in general for their own gain.

Our work with male clients involves learning how to fully express themselves authentically, hitting all the attraction triggers and making the process both comfortable and exciting for the girl. Ultimately, sexual selection is the woman's choice, so it's the client's path to make the best impression possible, and to make the choice an easy and fun experience.

As the site title suggests, we work on expressing and hitting attraction and comfort triggers honestly, accurately and efficiently with the highest integrity possible. High integrity in this situation simply means, being able to present your best self in an honest way that actually works for both parties.

Dating Advice For Women

Most of my female clients come to me in frustration - "where are the real men?" Or, "where are the men I'm attracted to and how do I get them to make a move?"

Generally speaking, there are 2 main challenges:

One, for her to truly understand and increase her perceived dating value with her ideal partner. In order to do this she must go through a process of figuring out who her ideal partner is (inside and out).

Two, she can learn the skills to properly attract, and then select the right men that match her real needs.

What we seek is equality in power in dating, but what society has given us so far is sameness. Men and women are human beings and equal, but we are not the same in the energy of our nature. Celebrating these differences and understanding them leads to more truthful, authentic connections in dating and social interactions.

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