Break Up To Breakthrough

Initiating A Breakup

Clients who want to break up with someone generally feel guilt or frustrating at themselves for possibly hurting the other person. Then they feel anger at feeling that guilt and sometimes that transfers to the partner as well. Resentment builds, it can be a vicious cycle.

I help clients understand how their brains are working with they are in love, and when they are out of love. We assess his or her core needs, and how to either move forward in the relationship, or move on in a way that is smooth for everyone involved.

Both men and women suffer feelings of guilt and procrastination when it comes to break-ups.

Being Broken Up With

As someone who suffered 2 break-ups and the person being broken up with, the pain was very real, as was the motivation to find a solution to the problem.

People who are broken up with generally have a different set of issues with deal with than the break-up initiator. Feelings of guilt, anger, abandonment and fear often come up in play. It is often described as, "the world turned upside down" or "the carpet was pulled from underneath!"

This critical period can be a time of great growth or sorrow. Much like a sprained ankle getting proper care, healing can be fast and efficient and full of growth, or slow and painful.

Breakhrough Moment

As much as I hated to hear this when I was going through my breakup pain, the 2 ways to get to breakthrough is gratitude and forgiveness. I will share my 7 step process for doing this the most efficient way possible.

The only way to get past the pain is the deep dive into the pool and come out the other side. A trained coach can help you accelerate this process.

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