Asian Man In A Westernized World

Dating is harder for Asian men. Here's why:

asian men dating v2

Asian men face a different set of problems in dating. For the full infographic breaking this down, you can download it here

Asian Attraction Ratios

Understanding Attraction Ratios as a minority can drastically cut negative emotions and improving core confidence quickly.

We use a simple but brilliant social tool to decipher if a girl is: 1) not open to dating Asian guys 2) has no preference / not opposed 3) prefers Asian guys. Some of these preferences are unconscious. Using Pareto's 80-20 principle, we focus on finding partners who are naturally attracted to us. Clients are able to achieve their desired results very quickly once these old rigid paradigms are transformed.

Leveraging Stereotypes

Stereotypes go both ways and I teach clients how to leverage them positively. Understanding conscious and unconsciously energies allows clients to take previous disadvantages and transform them into strong advantages using the powers of conversational and situational leverage.

Relationship Calibrations

These are 9 key aspects to consider in interracial relationships we've identified in our work with couples and singles.

We've honed our calibration to these 9 aspects in order to achieve healthy, strong and spiritually balanced long-term relationships.

You'll also develop resiliency to be on your own and this is critical when relationships don't meet your standards or don't workout.

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