Asian Man In A Westernized World

Signal-To Noise Attraction Ratios

The most important lesson for most of my Asian students is that attraction ratios are different when you're the minority in a country. Once you understand this, I work with you on improving their confidence and and conversation skills.

We use a simple but brilliant social tool to decipher if a girl is: 1) not open to dating Asian guys 2) has no preference / not opposed 3) prefers Asian guys. Some of these preferences are unconscious. Using Pareto's 80-20 principle, we focus on finding partners who are naturally attracted to us.

Leveraging Stereotypes

Stereotypes go both ways, and because people don't have time to get to know every stranger they see in social gatherings, quick assumptions are made. Malcolm Gladwell documents these "snap" assessments in his book "Blink".

I teach my students to understand energies that are consciously or unconsciously directed at them. The subtle art form and transform your previous disadvantages to really strong advantages using the powers of conversational and situational social leverage.

Relationship Calibrations

These are 9 key relationship aspects to consider in interracial relationships that we've developed discovered from our experiences.

In our work with couples and singles, we've honed our calibration to these 9 aspects in order to achieve healthy, strong and spiritually balanced long-term relationships.

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