Relationship Mastery

Attraction & Desire

Attraction is not a choice.

Relationships are either thriving or dying and attraction continues to grow over time in healthy relationships.

In couples we explore the existing dysfunctions of a relationship, and identify a compelling future everyone can get behind.

For new couples, understanding how to setup a strong foundation of trust and respect is important for lasting love. The first 3 months of a relationship is the most important, as the person you fall in love with can drastically improve or hurt your life.


Selection & Connection

As my father told me, "the person you marry" is one of the most important decisions in your life. Yet most of us never have the chance to even practice this skill. We simply settle for the first love that appears in our lives.

Here we explore why people select the people they do.

For example, the "cliff-diver" who jumps head in without testing the waters, or the "analyzer" who thinks about every possible scenario before committing anything in a relationship. Or the so called "narcissist" that only thinks about himself/herself.

I work with clients to develop selection strategies. For some, this means slowing down. For others, speeding up and turning correctly.

In all areas, we install the frame for abundance, and from there, filtering  and finding their best partners.

The Art of Love

Occasionally, I have clients who ask me, "how do I make this person fall in love with me?"

If you think about it, the process of falling in love is quite illogical. Yet it can also be broken down to specific chemical processes in the brain. Doctor Helen Fisher once said, “You can get into a very fancy car and know everything about the engine, but when you drive in that car, you feel that rush. In the same way, I think the more you know about love, the more you can enjoy it. And knowing about your personality type, who you are and what kind of person you're dealing with gives you a great leg up.”

If you understand how people fall in love, you can recreate the process in an authentic way and develop relationships with people you come into contact with. They will get to know who you are, but also enjoy your entertaining life movie.

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