It all begins with finding the truth in your interactions. Our practice areas are honed from over a decade of developing blueprints to overcome our client's biggest challenges.

Style/Image Consulting

Style is the external representation of your internal self. It's also the first thing someone notices.

As such, your style has a huge impact on your success in all areas: in job seeking, in social circles and in dating. "Dress for the job you want" as the wise saying goes. Understanding how your style impacts your perceived job performance and how to dress for interviews is key for getting lucrative offers. Your image is also of paramount important in the beginning of any dating situation and most men get it wrong.

Our program Seduce With Style (SWS) teaches men how to dress attractively and move about the world in stylish way. SWS transforms clients through Style Attraction Switches that increases the client's date and relationship success ratios.

Dating Strategies

Everyone wants to find someone special. How they go about it determines the quality of the results.

Our Authentic Communications Model teaches dating in a high integrity and systematic way. We also teach my clients to enjoy the flow and art of love. As Dr. Helen Fisher notes:

"You can get into a very fancy car and know everything about the engine, but when you drive in that car, you feel that rush. In the same way, I think the more you know about love, the more you can enjoy it. And knowing about your personality type, who you are and what kind of person you're dealing with gives you a great leg up."

Our goal for our clients is to create great experiences on dates, and creating long lasting romantic relationships.

For men (and women) who are on their hero's journey and want to experience variety in their dating lives, we have well-traveled coaches from different backgrounds who have extensive experience in this area.

In the COVID pandemic, we have leveraged our principles of Authentic Communications to build a predictable process for online dating and dating apps.

The Job Offer Blueprint (J.O.B)

Our coaches have worked at 3 Fortune 500 companies and being a manager at a 3rd company that was acquired by a Fortune 500 company. As immigrants, we have to develop tactics and strategies to out-compete our local candidates. Over the years, we have honed our job hunting process into an efficient, predictable machine that delivers results.

In Giovanni's last round of interviews, he had 4 offers, and during his round at Google, he had 6 offers on the table. Jamal, a master coach in finance is often sought after by head hunters and understand the recruiting process as a high-skilled immigrant.

As with any process, there is a systematic way for getting your resume noticed, making a good impression, and passing through the rounds of interviews that get you lucrative offers at established companies. We help clients identify blind spots, overcome sticking points, and make sure they stand out from the competition in our JOB training program.

Relationship Mastery

Your choice in your long term partner is perhaps the single most important decision in your life. Yet, most people leave their relationships to chance encounters and settling for "good enough". In this training course, we will teach you the 3 phases of finding someone that you can falling in love with, and how to keep that love.

You will learn how to create attraction and desire consistently so you develop an abundance mentality. We teach clients how to zone in on building selection and connection using their core values. Finally, our coaches will teach you how to recreate the feeling of "falling in love" so you can share this experience with the right partner.

Asian Man In A Westernized World

Asian guys have it hard in the dating world. According to an article in the NY Times, Asian men have to earn on average, $247,000/year more than a his white counterpart to get the same match rates. This data supports OKCupid's online data.

Here at HIS, we've developed a proven system for leveraging the depth of your culture to your advantage. We do this by understanding the source of the problem, and creating conversation and behavioral skills to turn your weakness into a strength. We introduce the concept of "attraction ratios" and how to leverage this to achieve results efficiently. All of our coaches have dated partners of all races and can show you how to develop the mentality and practical steps to do the same.

Breakup To Breakthrough

A breakup can be a devastating experience but it can also be the most rewarding, insightful experience in your life. Like a broken ankle, anyone can heal... but proper care and adjustments in the beginning can make a huge difference in the healing time and final shape of the broken ankle.

Our coaches have trained with many clients on navigating them through the emotions that inevitably come with a tough breakup, and how to build themselves back up using tools we have field-tested over the last 10 years.

Social Crisis/Bullying

Having been victims of bullying at a young age, our coaches are intimately familiar with the effects of being bullied and how to understand and devise a plan to counter and even thrive in "crisis" situations.

It is important to recognize previous bullying and unresolved trauma when working with clients that have limiting beliefs or mental blocks from the past. Anger, shame, worthiness, regret, hate are often strong emotions that have not been let go when bullying is involved and need to be handled in a constructive way.

If you're in a situation where you are being bullied, understanding your situation fully and quickly devising a plan is really important for a desirable result. Once the immediate threat is neutralized, it's important to process this event in a holistic way to avoid future trauma or blocks in the client's emotional integrity. Knowing from personal experience of our coaches, unresolved bullying experiences can manifest in very unhealthy ways years later.

Financial Mastery

How do you generate wealth and escape the 9-to-5? It is one of the most common questions we receive from our viewers.

How do you maximize your savings to a point where you can live off the interest? How do you leverage day-trading to increase your bank account?

The principles of wealth creation, wealthy generation and wealth preservation are taught by coaches who have mastered their own finances. From financial education to wealth creation, our coaches will take you through the cycle they went through to become financially independent. Please contact us and request a call with with one of our coaches who run our Financial Mastery program.

Customized Coaching

Clients can request a combination of in person, in-field and online coaching sessions and access to all of our courses. We also develop customized programs depending on the client's needs in their professional, romantic and personal lives.

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