Each client's issue is specific to their real needs. A plan is tailored to help the client excel or overcome specific tipping points on their journey, and every plan is highly customized to you. Our practice areas were developed from our own coaches' experiences and our in sights from coaching hundreds of clients in the past 10 years.

Dating Strategies

In general, male clients seek us out to gain a better understanding to attracting the type of woman they desire. Female clients generally want to attract a man that they didn't have to "settle" for and oaccasionally, has problems filtering through men and their true intentions. We have developed training programs for men and women to never "settle" for someone again. We do this by building a social plan to meet high integrity dates and a systematica way to get dates, experience great dates, and creating long lasting romantic relationships.

Asian Man In A Westernized World

Asian guys have it hard in the dating world. According to data for OKCupid and online dating sites, Asian men have to earn on average, 150k+ more than a majority race to reach the same dating preferences. Here at HIS, we've developed a proven system for leveraging the depth of your culture to your advantage. We do this by understanding the source of the problem, and creating conversation and behavioral skills to turn your weakness into a strength.

Style Consulting

Style is the external representation of your internal frame. As such, your style has a huge impact on your success in all areas, including financial and dating. "Dress for the job you want", as the wise saying goes - understanding how your style impacts your perceived job performance and how to dress for interviews is key for getting the high end offers.

Our program Seduce With Style teaches men how to dress attractively and move about the world in stylish way. SWS teaches the student how to feel confident in your own clothes and how to leverage Style Attraction Switches to enjoy success in getting dates and getting into relationships.

The Art Of Love

Your choice if your long term partner is perhaps the single most important decision in your life. Yet, most people leave their relationships to chance encounters and settling for "good enough". In this training course, we will teach you the 3 phases of finding someone worthy of falling in love with.

You will learn how to create attraction and desire to maximize your options so you have an abundance mentality. We can zone in on how to build selection and connection using your core values. Finally, our coaches will teach you how to recreate the feeling of "falling in love" so you can one a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the right partner.

Breakup To Breakthrough

A breakup can be the most devastating experience but it can also be the most rewarding, insightful experience in life. Like a broken ankle, anyone can heal, but proper care and adjustments in the beginning can make a huge difference in the healing time and final shape of the broken ankle. Our coaches have trained with many clients on navigating them through the emotions that inevitably come with a tough breakup, and how to build themselves back up using tools we have field-tested over the last 10 years.

Social Crisis/Bullying

Having been victims of bullying at a young age, 2 of our coaches are intimately familiar with the effects of being bullied and how to understanding, device a plan and counter social crisis situations.

Customized Coaching

Clients can request a combination of in person, in-field and online coaching sessions and access to all of our courses. Contact us here or schedule a consult below.

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