Limited spots until all are taken. Book a strategy session before we run out.

How can your coaching help me?

  • Our programs are individually customized because we don't use the cookie-cutter training mentality other companies do
  • You'll get a coach who's walked the walk: we believe quality coaches drive quality results
  • Focus: every High Integrity Skills instructor teaches you using their "success factors" that got them results quickly in their respective disciplines

How does coaching work?

  • To apply for individual coaching, please book a time here
  • If accepted, you'll be able to schedule a discovery call with one of our coaches to see if this is the right fit for both parties
  • Once scheduled, a coach will jump on a 45 minute call to explore your biggest challenges and how we can help you

Why should I get coaching?

  • Feeling lost: sometimes you lose direction or are drifting through life without a purpose. Clients have gotten used to "settling" in their dating life or careers and needed a blueprint to set a new goal and a way to achieve that goal as efficiently as possible.
  • Life transition: breakups, divorce, losing a job or simply discovering a new layer of yourself through life's changes are great times to get a coach. Change is always happening (even as you read this sentence right now). Having a unbiased coach to help you with your blind spots can maximize your transformation of pain into pleasure in difficult situations.
  • Fear and anxiety: Not knowing what to do, being afraid of rejection, or feeling frustrated you're not getting the results you want? A coach's job is to help you deep dive through this. The way past a challenge is to dive into it, fully absorbing and integrating the life lesson, not running away.
  • Lack of focus/ Procrastination / bad time management: learn about the tools that help you feel great about prioritizing your tasks. Our time management tools helps release your mind from the stress that comes with being overworked or under a ton of pressure.
  • You feel undecided / lack conviction: Conviction is a powerful concept that helps you focus on your true north in life. You understand what you want out of life, and how to get the most out of it. Explore our Authentic Attraction Cycle and how it can help you seek the truth in all of your relationships.

More Client Results:

When it comes to online dating, Giovanni helped me realize that there is a systematic, strategic way to give yourself a higher value image...I used some of our new photos on my dating profiles now and have gotten really positive direct feedback on the images.

The greatest compliment is when the I speak to the girl on the phone for the first time, and right off the bat, they say something like "You seem so interesting"

I never got that response before

Better style definitely helped out my confidence. Before, when I saw a pretty girl looking at me I used to get self conscious - do I look good? Now I know I look good and instead of getting self conscious I smile at them. And if they smile back sometimes I go talk to them.

Definitely changed (my life), it took almost half a year, but getting girls became easy. Don't get me wrong it's still a lot of work, but I have fun doing it. However, the bigger transformation was my inner game, after going through several hot girlfriends I learned why personality matters 🙂 . My standards are way higher now and that changed my interactions with girls dramatically. It's like talking to a girl with "hey are you cool?" compared to "omg you are hot and I like hot girls" mentality.

Limited spots until all are taken. Book a strategy session before we run out.