Giovanni W.
Role: Master Coach
Experience: 15+ years
Focus: Style, Dating & Relationships

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Here I am to the right, my final year in college visiting my friend at the Harvard campus:

Me with my friends on a typical Friday night in college

I was never good with women. Socially I was quite clueless. Sometimes, I'll see the truth for a moment before it inevitably goes away.

At 23, I was still a virgin, having been rejected by every girl I've ever tried to ask out.

To make things worse, I was also having trouble at work. I constantly got in trouble and made enemies because of my inability to read social cues. For example, I would think a manager is quite happy with me when in fact they are seething with anger.

I made up for these shortcomings by being ok with being alone, and working harder and longer than most of my peers to keep my positions. I always thought I was intelligent, but like a superpower locked and hidden away, I didn't feel like I knew how to bring it out.

This inability to overcome my obstacles ignited an obsession to become socially dexterous. With women, at work, and with my own life.

If I had to guess, this obsession started early in high school. My "friends" bullied me as the youngest student in my class. I remember being pinned to the locker by my bullies while all the cute girls in my class laughed. I realize now that was a moment of grace because it was my calling to help others who feel lost, powerless and socially isolated:


Fast forward a bit....

My journey to master my social skills started while I was working at Google. Though I had gotten into the #1 company to work for at that time with pure hard work, I still had a lot of trouble understanding people.

4 out of 7 days a week, I'd drive an hour up to San Francisco to learn from my mentors.

This section of my life requires its own book, but let's just say the training was informative. You could call these years my "training years". I'm so grateful for them and my mentors.

One of the reasons you probably haven't heard of me until 2020 is because of my use of an alias during these 10 years as I took on corporate positions at Fortune 500 companies.

During my non-work hours, I chronicled my lessons and helped other clients achieve their dating and life goals. In fact, my advice and articles have been read by over 3.1 million people in over 122 countries and I've coached over 10,000 students through my training and partnerships

my user metrics - Copy

After a few years... I sold all my Google shares and traveled. I wanted to learn more about the world.

One of my goals was to be able to go to a new city, not know anyone, and start to build a social circle and have a great life. I was able to accomplish this in the next 6 years in 2 new cities. In fact, I exceeded all my expectations. My mastery of social skills and style attraction even led me tp a career as a runway model!

Fashion week, festivals, travels abroad and new friends I've met on my journey

Over the next few years in my late 20s, I made lifelong friends and we got into exclusive social circles and events.

Long story short: I chose my own path instead of living to please or accommodate other people's expectations.

Not bad for a kid who used to be called "rat face", right?

next level girls

I show you these pictures not to impress you but rather to impress upon you the possibility of taking your life to the next level if you have the right tools.

If a lonely, messed up and socially-challenged kid like me could do it, I know anyone can. Sometimes we all just need a little bit of guidance.

I want to become the coach I wish I had when I first started. Luckily for you, with my help you can accomplish my feats in a fraction of the time and effort it took me! Perhaps you'll even take it to new heights with your own accomplishments just like many of my clients have.

If you're feeling lost, alone or simply want guidance to improve an area of your life faster, consider reaching out for some help.

Your social success is now my mission.


Giovanni W.