Style, Dating and Relationship Coach


Focus: Style, social circle and high integrity relationships.

Giovanni's experience growing up around the world in different cultures allows him to teach subtle social skills in allowing you to take full advantage in social situations. His 15+ years of experience gives him an edge in explaining social situations in dating, advancing in corporate culture and building social circles as efficiently as possible. Learn more about Giovanni here.

Life Coach and YouTube Personality


Focus: Social pressure, anxiety, depression and fast attraction tactics

Elia is a master at handling high pressure situations. Having experienced personal tragedy at a young age he's honed his skills at turning weaknesses and defeat into massive momentum and strength.

He specializes in helping students and younger clients in their early teens and 20s overcome difficult issues.

Financial Mastery Coach And Swing Trader


Focus: Financial mastery, high growth income streams, day-trading

Jamal retired at the early age of 31 by mastering his finances early in life. As a programmer, crypto enthusiast and day-trader, he honed his technical analysis on price movements and built up a vault of financial resources.

Students that are having issues with financial stability, discipline and ways to grow their wealth seek Jamal out to train in our financial mastery programs.

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