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Welcome to Game Sense! The following video series is to be used in conjunction with the Game Sense book that you will receive (or received already) via your email. If you're having any issues downloading Game Sense's PDF, just email us at help@highintegrityskills.com

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Please read the book carefully, and my suggestion is to reference each "Line" to each video so you understand how to deliver the line, and the intent and psychology behind it.

The 7 mindsets speak for themselves, and are expressed better when you read them. They will help you see the path in more clarity and the big picture in your journey to become a sex worthy guy. In terms of the 30 lines, here is an introduction so you have the proper context for learning them:


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In this video I discuss:

-Facial Expression
-Body Language
-Energy and Intent
-Each line practices a very specific, important skill-set in the flow of your game.
-Acting vs. Believing
-Calibrations after the fact


Why Am I Qualified To Teach You? (Or Not? You Decide)

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On Opening

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Approach Anxiety - 10 Ways To Kill It (PDF Download)

Don't take rejections personally - remove the ego

It's like playing roulette, there is a high chance element to this, it has nothing to do with you

Lines 1-12

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On Social Hook Point and Lines 13-20

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Relax, you don't need lines

Use lines if things get boring, but it is more about the energy

Besides lines, pay notice to subcommunication


On Negs and Compliments

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On Time Bridge

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Text game is important, separate topic If flaking on dates, more grounding, if too much pumping BT If flaking on replies, more attraction is needed The importance of isolation (group theory)


On Fast vs. Solid game

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Fast pulls based on emotions, not emotional investment

Longer dates based on identity

Good game requires both, and then calibrate to the type of girl she is

Less style, less height, etc, more banter requires more grounding and DHV in her eyes

The importance of qualification for solid game

She feels like she has earned you

You're more valuable to her than if she just liked you from the get-go. She had to fight for it

Genuine compatibility issues are discussed

This is not necessary for pulls or one night stands

Her body language will tell you her real feelings

Take care, her heart is in your hands, at least for tonight

 Logistics and the importance of not drinking


On Sexual Hook Point and lines 21-26

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On Closing: Choosing Her Heart vs. Her Body

Different stages of the game The value of learning how to close (most people don't know what they want) Excuses and Denial vs. Real Transcendence (I'm rejecting her before she rejects me instead of "I left it all out there, on the field")

Lines 27-31 and On Maintaining Long Term Relationships

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Treat everyone like you'd like to be treated

Keep options open, until other side commits, then you can commit. At very least, commitment comes at the same time on both sides

Remember, you don't really know something until you "know" them

Repeating this process until it's in your control to repeat this every night when you go out 10x

On How Style Impacts Your 30 Lines

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Easier to just talk normally without lines

Opening ratio increases drastically

Sexual hook points hit faster, sometimes based just visually (if you're "her type")

Less resistance from other guys, faster physical escalation


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