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Get Limitless Dating Options As An Asian Man In A Westernized World

How to date with any type of girl
as an ambitious Asian man in a westernized culture

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Hey! Welcome To High Integrity Skills. If you're here on this page, this must mean that we're kindred spirits. Not everyone would land on a page called "High Integrity Skills" and I applaud you for taking the first step to improving your life by embracing a positive energy field.

My foundations at HIS focuses on 3 things:

1. The idea that improving your style and image can quickly add immediately results to your personal and profession life. In essence, style is your external representation of your internal frame.

2. The idea that you can achieve anything you want to be being true to your core values. In other words, having alignment and integrity with who you really are.

3. That social skills are an integral part of life happiness and success. Often times, we assume these skills are learned in school or self-taught, but that's simply not true!  People often go through life without realizing why they are experience the same results over and over again. Never accept yourself as a finished product.


-Giovanni Wan

My Clients And Results Speak For Themselves.
Here Is What They Have To Say:

Michael S.
Veteran and Military Consultant

"I was very hard-headed about some of the ideas that Giovanni had and I resisted him for a long time. He persisted, and when I actually tried the style and presentation techniques he taught me, I started seeing the results in my work and personal interactions the next day.

I commend Giovanni for sticking with me, even though I was being a total hot head. It also made me realize some of the mental blocks I had"

Peter C.
Entrepreneur & Ivy League Engineer

"Giovanni and I worked together and we made a lot of progress very quickly financially and socially. We were pretty much running our small town!

Over the next few months, I was able to control and manage my emotions to serve me, rather than letting them control me and get the best of me.

I ended up in a bigger city and got a 6-figure job offer and I'm now close to my immediately family. I could not have done it without you!"

Giulio W.
Entrepreneur, Future MBA Grad

"Giovanni came to me in a dark time. I was having issues with my wife and financially at the job.

He taught me habits and priming routines that stopped me from being lazy and feeding my lazy habits. He also gave me great insight into my relationship with my wife. We're still working out a lot of issues, but I realized that the financial issues were simply a symptom of our communication style and our expectations about where we are going in life."

Jamal O.
Fortune 500 Engineer

"I first sought out Giovanni's help because I am a minority myself in a town that has very few of us. He made me realize that a lot of the limiting beliefs were in my head, and that race was a factor, but not as big as I thought. My 2 biggest lessons are that you need to see things as they are, but not worse than they are. Also, I learned that people can be attracted to your energy, and if that energy is coming from a pure place deep within, over time, people start to gravitate towards you naturally."

Raylene A.
Former Nurse

"Giovanni met me when I was single for a while. I was meeting cool guys, but never the right one. I'm a pretty happy person and overall content with life. Until I met Giovanni, I didn't even realize what it was I was missing.

He taught me how to filter guys and to find out quickly what they want. He also taught me how to say and do certain things to find out a man's true intentions. I also learned how to tell my story better, so the men I meet really remember me (more than just the physical).

As I am writing this, I am happily married and having the time of my life."

Tung S.P.
Student at Ivy League School

"Giovanni taught me how to start conversations with people at school. He also taught me the very interesting power struggles that happen in on campus social circles. The most important thing he taught me, is just to take action. If you say hi, he said, you win. Anyway long story short, at the end of the training session, I now have a girlfriend. I'm really happy. I feel confident about focusing on my school work."

Ready to find out more? Get started today!

You can a 30 min session with me for $10 while spots last. The $10 is not for me, it's for you to take the first step in investing in yourself.

Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Great Coach:


What gets measured gets managed, and a coach is there to objectively assess your sticking points. Unlike friends or family who have historical biases, a coach can see things as they are, not through rose-colored lenses and be able to help you make the decisions you need to get to the next level.

Blind Spots

Many of my clients are very smart individuals. However, sometimes even the smartest of us have blind spots due to habits or just doing the same things for a long time.

I am able to dissect your social dynamics with your peer group, dating life and even work life and give you actionable, precise steps to take to get to where you want to go.


The human brain is wired to survive and in today's world of food abundance it is easy for complacency or laziness to set in. Much like gravity, the force of lethargy creeps in if you do not have the systems in place to counter it.

A great coach will help you build systems and encourage behavior patterns get hat will get you to your goals.