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Grow My Relationships (Private Coaching)

How to start meeting and attracting your ideal partner with a proven system I've mastered over the last 10 years

Master Online Dating (Mentorship Program)

We've cracked the code to date virtually in this pandemic. Learn more about our mentorship program

Ace My Interviews (Get Lucrative Job Offers)

How to interview and breakthrough to land multiple 100-150k+ offers from a former Googler

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Hey! Welcome To High Integrity Skills. If you're here on this page, this must mean that we're kindred spirits because taking the first step to improving your social skills is a rare decision that 90% of people unfortunately dont' make.

You can get 3 things from this site:

1. Free coaching advice in written and video format on improving you dating life, style, social life, and relationshps.

2. A new way of learning social skills by leveraging what's really authentic about you already, and presenting it in a way that's attractive. And, being able to adapt "attractive" in a social, dating or job interview situation and get the result you want, be it an ideal partner or job offer.

3. I left my corporate job to focus on this full-time, so you can email me at any time at g (at) highintegrityskills (dot) com

I look forward to meeting you one day,

-Giovanni Wan